Talk about it, carefully – The Spokesman

Talking about mental illnesses/struggles can be hard for almost anyone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about them.

I personally think it’s hard for some people to talk about their mental struggles because of how it makes them feel. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, panic, stress or anything of the sort, these things can make some people feel less of a person and/or insecure. They can make people feel weaker and more discouraged the more they talk about it.

To some, talking about it helps, but taking into account that everyone’s feelings are different and interpreted unlike others, some people do not like opening up about what goes on in their head and how everything around them makes them feel.

Talking about one’s mental state could also lead some people to anxiety/panic attacks and could also trigger an obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder or any mental illness one might struggle with. Everyone handles these triggers differently — many worse than others, some better than most.

In conclusion, if you are a pushing a loved one, friend and/or family member to open up to you because you want to try and help, asking once and reassuring them that you will be there if they need it would be better than pressuring them into talking to you because of the things that could be attacking them neurotically.

Anna Hajjar