Qigong Pursues PTSD Like Water To Fire

in Health / Mental Health    (submitted 2014-12-05)

Just since we had PTSD, does not meant that we need to keep it today!
That is if we are peaceful to consider ourselves transparent of it, and use any day.

An instance is wearing a same dirty, un-ironed shirt though thought.
We might have turn so used to it, that changing it has come to naught.

Then it starts to smell so that others are influenced by it, as well.
Such events turn catalysts constrained a hearts to lean and swell.

The adore and affability we once knew is prepared to detonate out of trauma’s hold!
Our delirious annoy can be put out by regulating Qigong appetite to unfold.

This appetite reveals covering on covering of dismissed adult emotions emulsified, too.
Anger begets remorse, and afterwards regrets that enhances feelings that make us blue.

A explanation to share is that a Qigong routine of clearing emotions succeeds.
Once we get down to that final covering of romantic debris, a mind openly heeds.

Our past mishap was like a fibre held in a bicycle spoke stranded inside.
We might have wanted to get going on life’s ride, though could not glide.

A mental doorway opens, and we can see what has been watchful to be revealed.
This opening is to another dimension to entrance a spirituality that is healed.

It is a prerogative for not giving into finale a mislaid life filled with grief.
With this weight taken from a hearts comes purpose and carefree relief.

A privileged mind reflects a ability to have wish over a circumstances.
By regulating certain affirmations (with desirous intent) recovering enhances.

Even a prophesy is softened so that we can see a blessings we have, too.
Acknowledging them with a beholden heart is what we are led to do.

This feeling of thankfulness is like H2O poured over those romantic fires.
It not usually clears divided disastrous energy, though also works central and inspires.

What is suggested is that zero that has happened to us was a squandered event.
The Universe put us there for a special purpose (even with a mind that was dent.)

Reading this poem is my possess testimony combined by regained purpose.
Success flows by holding onto a energy larger than a own, is compulsory of us.

Until we learn this doctrine to strech adult to aloft thoughts, a resources hold.
Created is an open board to aspire to some-more than we suspicion we ever could behold!

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