Psychiatric Board Rules Wife-Killer David Messenger Can Live Full Time In …

MIDDLETOWN — His doctors said it would be “hard to predict” if David Messenger would ever lapse into the psychotic state he was in when he beat his pregnant wife to death in 1998, but they said at a hearing Friday they felt confident enough in his progress to support an expansion of his freedoms.

The Psychiatric Security Review Board agreed in part later Friday, allowing Messenger to live full time at a Hartford halfway house, but refusing to lift restrictions on Messenger’s travel beyond Hartford County.

A state prosecutor had opposed the expanded travel, noting Messenger owns real estate in Maine and might feel compelled to go there, and Heather Messenger’s family stood firm against the prospect of additional privileges.

“He owns property in Maine; he’s a wealthy individual,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Andrew J. Slitt, who works out of the Windham office. The slaying occurred in Chaplin.