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sometimes within seconds we can grow so most that even within lives we would not have been means to grow that much. If a right tech nique is used, expansion explodes. And these techniques have been used in thousands of years of experiments. They were not devised by one man; they were devised by many, many seekers, and usually a hint is given here.
You will strech a goal, since a life appetite within we will pierce unless it comes to a indicate where no transformation is possible. It will go on relocating to a top peak, and that is a reason since one goes on being innate again and again. Left to yourself we will reach. But we will have to trdvel very, really long, and a tour will be really vapid and boring.
All techniques can be useful though they are not accurately meditation, they are usually a groping in a dark. Suddenly one day, doing someÃ,­ thing, we will turn a witness. Doing a imagining like Dynamic, or Kundalini or Whirling, unexpected one day a imagining will go on though we will not be identified. You will lay silently behind, we will watch it – that day imagining has happened; that day a technique is longer a hindrance, no longer a
help. You can suffer it if we like, like an exercise; it gives a certain vitality, though there is no need now – a n al imagining has happened. Meditation is witnessing. To discuss means to turn a witness. Meditation is not a technique during all! This will be really treacherous to we since we go on giving we techniques. In a ultimate clarity imagining is not a technique; imagining is an understanding, awareness. But we need techniques since that final bargain is really distant divided from you; dark low in we though still really distant divided from you. Right this impulse we can achieve it. But we will not achieve it, since your mind goes on. This really impulse it is probable and nonetheless impossible. Techniques will overpass a gap; they are usually to overpass a gap. So in a commencement techniques are meditations; in a finish we will giggle – techniques are not meditation. Meditation is a totally differÃ,­ ent peculiarity of being, it has zero to do with anything. But it will occur usually in a end; don’t consider it has happened in a beginning, differently a opening will not be bridged.

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