Present Moment 11

in Health / Mental Health    (submitted 2014-12-07)

A low assent starts prevalent even in your body, a pointed song pulsates in your body.
Then start apropos wakeful of your thoughts; a same has to be finished with thoughts. They are some-more pointed than a physique and of course, some-more dangerous too. And when we be come wakeful of your thoughts, we will be astounded what goes on inside you. If we write down what so ever is going on during any moment, we are in for a good surprise. You will not trust that this is what is going on inside you. And after 10 mins review it – we will see a insane mind inside! Because we are not aware, this whole stupidity goes on using like an underneath current. It affects whatsoever we are doing, it affects whatsoever we are not doing; it affects any thing. And a sum sum of it is going to be your life! So this insane male has to be changed. And a spectacle of recognition is that we need not do anything solely only turn aware.
The really materialisation of watching
it changes it. Slowly solemnly a maniac disappears, slowly• solemnly a thoughts start descending into a certain pattern; their disharmony is no more, they turn some-more of a cosmos. And afterwards again, a deeper assent pre vails. And when your physique and your mind are during assent we will see that they are attuned to any other too, there is a bridge. Now they are not using in opposite directions, they are not roving opposite horses. For a initial time there is accord, and that settle helps immensely to work on a third step – that is apropos wakeful of your feelings, emotions, moods.
That is a subtlest covering and a many difficult, though if we can be wakeful of a thoughts afterwards it is only one step more. A small some-more heated recognition is indispensable and we start reflecting your moods, your emotions, your feelings. Once we are wakeful of all these 3 they all turn assimilated ‘ into one phenom non. And when all these 3 are one – functioning together perfectly, humming together, we can feel a song of all a three; they have turn an band – afterwards a fourth happens, that we can't do. It happens on a possess accord. It is a present from a whole, it is a prerogative for those who have finished these three.

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