Signs and Symptoms of OCD That You Should Know

Understanding the mechanism of various anxiety disorders is crucial, especially when the people involved in such disorder is an immediate family member, an in-law, or perhaps a close and trusted friend. It is important for us to go back and really understand the basics before digging any further. Needless to say anxiety disorders are caused by uncontrollable anxiety. Yes, anxiety per se is associated with a vague feeling of dread or apprehension. Anxiety as a vague feeling is also the root cause of why a number of people suffer from obsessive compulsive behavior, better known with its acronym OCD. It is a common response by people to both external and internal stimuli that in turn, can result to conscious and unconscious behavioral, emotional, cognitive and physical OCD symptoms.

OCD is an anxiety disorder characterized by obsessions and compulsions, although some only experience just one or the other. Obsessions are continuous, apparently unmanageable thoughts and impulses that constantly happen in your mind. While you are aware that these thoughts and ideas do not make sense, you just can’t stop them. Sadly, these events are often, if not always, disturbing and distracting. Compulsions on the other hand are repetitive behaviors or mental acts that attempts to neutralize the existing feeling of anxiety. While few OCD symptoms disappear over time, they may increase and get worse when the sufferer gets to face much stress.

A number of people with OCD display fears of getting dirty, they typically wash their hands over and over again. People like them are very particular with being contaminated, and are making ways to keep their body clean all the time.

Others have habits of checking things repeatedly. They make sure the television is turned off and the doors are kept locked before leaving the house for work or even before going to sleep at night. The habit of too much checking things are associated with the need to have safety and security, and the obsession of avoiding harm or danger.

Some individuals with OCD are branded by the public as doubters and sinners. They are perfectionists. They are afraid of not having things perfectly done. When some things do not happen the way they should, they feel something bad will happen or they may be punished for doing wrong.

Others have obsessions on order and symmetry, they have uncontrolled impulses to keep things arranged as much as possible. They may have superstitions about numbers, colors, and patterns.

Many OCD sufferers are being referred to as Hoarders, they fear that something bad will happen if they happen to toss and throw things like books, bottle caps, pencils, and papers. They compulsively save and collect things, even those that they do not need or use.

If you happen to have few of the said signs and symptoms of OCD, or if you notice a relative or a close friend having such habit, it does not necessarily mean they have OCD. Assumptions are not enough and a thorough medical and psychological exam is needed before making any conclusion.

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