My OCD Makes Me Anxious About Being Dirty. Here’s How I Have Sex

Quinn: Yeah, things got really heavy for a few months. We’d have to work really hard for just, like, the basics. If we were kissing or caressing and I touched the outside of her underwear, she’d be like, “Go wash your hands.” Or she’d say, “OK, just don’t touch my hair now,” because she didn’t want to wash her hair again. If I did accidentally touch her hair, there’d be this huge sigh, and the mood would be dead. I got so worried about touching her in the wrong place or, if we were taking off our clothes, about if I folded our underwear the right way and put them in the right place. If we ended up fighting about where I put our clothes, I wouldn’t be able to get it up anymore. Sometimes, she’d feel let down. There were 100 little paper cuts to our intimacy.