Local Professional Life Coach Provides Superior Service to OCD Sufferers, Pens …

ST. LOUIS – Suffering from anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder can understatedly be hard, and it can be an even more daunting of a task to undertake alone or without the help of a professional. Now there is relief for those who suffer from these disorders in the Greater St. Louis region.

Gregory Sansone, a local professional life coach, has been providing personal one-on-one coaching and group sessions for five years. These sessions are geared toward children and adults who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, and anxiety. Group sessions can include spouses, significant others, and parents living with someone who is suffering from the aforementioned disorders.

Aside from his life coach services, Sansone is available for speaking engagements and seminars, which are focused on powerful living. He has spoken to over 300 professionals through CentrePointe Hospital as a consultant in assisting those who suffer with these incredibly disabling disorders. He has also been on the radio speaking as a professional on the matter and has traveled the country from coast to coast, seeking out the best in his relentless pursuit of OCD recovery.

“I’m honored to provide help to those who might be going through what I once experienced,” said Sanson, a former sufferer of OCD, anxiety, and depression. “I strongly believe in living powerfully and confronting our problems head-on. Living powerfully is about refusing to allow our fears to determine our choices for us, and I want to help others see that truth and apply it in their own lives successfully.”

Sansone has also written a book about the struggle of living with OCD and how one can confront the disorder. The book is called Commit Emotional Suicide, and it can be purchased through his website at www.gregorysansone.com.

Sansone passionately helps those in recovery from OCD, anxiety, depression, and other related disorders by sharing his first-hand experience in the trenches and the first strategies and courage he needed to overcome the disorders.

A successful entrepreneur, Sansone currently owns and operates a thriving shopping center, which encompasses over 45 business and 17 acres of land. He resides in St. Louis where he enjoys his farm and six horses with his wife and child.

For more information, please call (636) 236-2267 or visit www.gregorysansone.com.