LISTEN | Mshoza opens up about her obsessive-compulsive disorder

Mshoza said she was lucky in that she decided to write out her goals whenever she felt the urge to write in her books.

“I wrote my dreams, my future. I can’t say that I predicted because I wrote things that I was going to do, not things that I wished. It started when I was young, so as I grew up, I grew up doing the same thing and my mom used to say, ‘you need to see a doctor, there’s something wrong with you.”

Mshoza said when she was young she would write about how big of a superstar she would be. She said before she knew that she was constantly affirming her dreams through her writing, a result of her OCD, she was already a child star.

Since then Mshoza has released chart topping songs and has equally been at the centre of controversy, with everything from skin bleaching to abusive relationships. Soon after her mother died last year, she revealed that she was struggling with depression.