How We Can Discover New Treatments for Mental Health

The NIMH also contributes to novel approaches to mental disorders by community outreach. Since 2004, the NIMH has annually hosted the NIMH Alliance for Research Progress, a group of patient and family advocates representing national volunteer nonprofit organizations. The group is convened to discuss research priorities and advances, and allow the NIMH Director and staff to hear the views and concerns of representatives of stakeholder groups regarding its research. NIMH Director, Joshua A. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., convened the twenty-fourth meeting of this group (see photo below). Topics included improving suicide risk and detection, novel treatments for opioid dependence, rapid-acting treatments for OCD, improving our understanding and treatment of depression, and advancing family-centered research, which involves collaboration with consumers to design, implement, and disseminate child mental health research. To find out more click here.