Going to Bed Early Might Help You Worry Less


A recent study has reported that going to bed early might help you worry less. The moment people go to bed and how long their sleep lasts has an effect on how much they worry.

People who don’t get enough sleep and go to bed at a late hour in the night are usually stressed with more bad thoughts that the people who maintain more scheduled hours of sleep, claim Meredith Coles and Jacob Nota of the United States Binghamton University. The recent research showed that people are believed to have repetitive negative thinking when they have irritating pessimistic thoughts that appear to echo in their head and sense as if they have little to no handle over these thoughts. Also, they tend to overly concern about the future, explore the past far too much and encounter irritating invasive thoughts. These kinds of thoughts are most of the times common for people who suffer from major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. These people also have a tendency to have sleep issues. The scientists also claimed that disruptions during sleep may also be connected to the formation of repetitive negative thinking and getting enough sleep might benefit the people who are in danger of getting a disorder that is linked to these kinds of invasive thoughts.

For the study, the two scientists asked 100 people at the Binghamton University to fill out a questionnaire. They measured how much the students obsess, ruminate or worry about a thing; these are three steps that lead to repetitive negative thinking. They were also questioned about their habits and if they preferred to keep regular sleep hours or a schedule that inclined more towards late hours of the day.

The scientists discovered that the people who have shorter sleeping hours and go to sleep late usually suffer from more repetitive negative thinking than others. Students who were more active during the evening also showed these symptoms. The scientists showed in their study how going to bed early might help you worry less.

“Making sure that sleep is obtained during the right time of day may be an inexpensive and easily disseminable intervention for individuals who are bothered by intrusive thoughts,”

Jacob Nota said.