Does Arsene Wenger need to see a psychiatrist for his OCD?

I think Arsene Wenger needs help, I really do, read on… by GW

We have had a summer of absurd Wenger contradictions, well his post match conference yesterday convinced me he really is no longer the full shilling. He seems to think he can only improve the team with better players, of which there are none, except of course what he buys.

Last season we loaned out Debuchy, Gnabry, Sanogo, and Chezzer and brought in Cech and Elneny, so we bought no one, 2 in, 4 out. Minus 2. This season we loaned out Chezzer and Campbell, sold Hayden and let Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta go. Although Hayden was an academy player I didn’t include Toral, Zelalem, Crowley, Maitland Niles and all the other academy players we loaned out. All the above are supposed first teamers. Then we buy Granit Xhaka, Rob Holding and Asano, (who’s name doesn’t appear anywhere on the team sheets and hasn’t even got a work permit). So simple maths says 6 out 3 in and by the time we get to the end of the week we should have bought Mustafi but sold Debuchy.

Since we moved to a new stadium to compete with the Man United’s of this world (Wenger’s words, not mine) we have had a net spend of £109.2 million. That’s £10 million a season. Man City by contrast have a net spend of £1080.3 million. That’s over a billion folks, and really makes the economists claims of moving well worth the pain of moving, and yes, I was being massively sarcastic.

Wenger said yesterday that he was sorry he didn’t spend £55mil on Rob Holding, interesting comment, if he thinks Rob Holding is worth a lot of money then why did he haggle with Bolton and only offer them £750k? We almost lost him like we did Cahill. What a very silly man.

Why has he waited 3 weeks since the injuries we had, to almost sign someone who is Ozil’s best mate? Why has he waited since April (when Welbeck got injured) to buy a forward? And still we haven’t had one.

Does he not see that we have lost Petit, Vieira, Overmars, Anelka, Henry, Fabregas, Nasri and RVP to Wenger’s lack of ambition, next up will be Sanchez and Ozil. Surely now the Arsenal board will not renew his contract and us fans can look forward to having a manager on board that at least spends his budget and addresses his problem areas?

Finally, many people think that our manager is stubborn, being stubborn is often seen as an admirable trait, I think being stubborn, or obstinate is very close to having OCD. This is the definition of OCD. You decide.

A psychiatric disorder characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions, such as cleaning, checking, counting, or hoarding. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), one of the anxiety disorders, is a potentially disabling condition that can persist throughout a person’s life. The individual who suffers from OCD becomes trapped in a pattern of repetitive thoughts and behaviors that are senseless and distressing but extremely difficult to overcome. OCD occurs in a spectrum from mild to severe, but if severe and left untreated, can destroy a person’s capacity to function at work, at school, or even in the home.

So for counting, think of his ridiculous substitutions, always between 67 and 73 minutes, always, never of course when we may need them, always when his OCD kicks in.

Hoarding? Say no more.

You make your mind up.


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