Breathe Therapies Introduce a Novel Service to Remedy Eating Disorders

A study by King’s College London and the UCL Institute of Child Health UK has revealed a 60% increase in females with eating disorders not otherwise specified*. Breathe provides a specialist a research-based, needs-led eating disorder service providing therapeutic treatment for all types of eating distress and obesity management.

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Breathe Therapies mission is the provision of effective and safe treatment interventions for people who suffer from obesity, weight management, eating disorders or psychological issues throughout the UK from its North West base. Typical therapeutic programmes include treatment for bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), compulsive eating and failed dieting.

Breathe founder and clinical director Shelley Perry is a former eating disorder sufferer who knows how it feels to be in such a position. As a consequence, Breathe Therapies are driven to provide long lasting remedies to their clients’ current suffering and sustain a healthy lifestyle going forward into their future.

Integrated Holistic Therapies Provide Sustainable Long Term Recovery

It is generally accepted that other psychiatric co-morbidities such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety are often manifested in an eating disorder sufferer.

Common historically delivered single treatment solutions like cognitive behavioural therapy can be only short term in nature and if administered without dietetic and medical interventions and an experienced multi-disciplinary team, can result in a higher possibility of relapse.

Breathe claim that they are different because they truly and wholeheartedly believe recovery is possible!

They do this by adopting an approach which addresses deep rooted issues in peoples’ lives like interpersonal or social aspects in order to provide a sustainable lasting remedy to a sufferer’s condition.

They utilise a treatment model developed by the National Centre For Eating Disorders, delivered as a range of research based interventions for eating disorders and obesity. This methodology is holistic and is an overall patient centric approach dependent on the individual’s need.

Typical therapeutic interventions include a permutation of different approaches including motivational enhancement therapy, nutritional counselling, psycho-education, cognitive behavioural techniques, EMDR, neuro linguistic programming, clinical psychology, cognitive analytical therapy and dietetics.

Community Engagement Helps Sufferers Adjust to Life Outside Their Eating Disorder

Most importantly, Breathe encourage sufferers to engage within the community which helps them overcome their problem by adjusting them to a life outside their eating disorder.

Breathe do this by operating a number of support groups including body image, raising self esteem, art therapy, anxiety management, mindfulness, Pilates, compassionate mind, motivational enhancement therapy, munch bunch, nutritional management and supported cookery.

This is something that conventional in-patient clinics can find very difficult to do.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Breathe deploy a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to medical practitioners. Its team includes psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, dieticians and qualified nurses.

Breathe practitioners work alongside consultant psychiatrists, family doctors, practice nurses, social service providers and community mental health teams. In addition and where appropriate, a client’s family may be asked to participate in a treatment programme.

Support for carers of eating disorder sufferers is also provided.

Shelley Perry commented, “Clients find out what precipitates, perpetuates and pre-disposes them to what is making them unhappy, what leads to bad habits and self-destructive behaviour patterns. This new self-awareness enables them to develop new aims and strategies in all aspects of their life so they can make a good long lasting recovery and improve their quality of life.”

*Research study reference: Micali, N. et al “The incidence of eating disorders in the UK in 2000-2009: findings from the General Practice Research Database” BMJ Open doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002646

About Breathe Therapies

Affiliated with Beat, the UK eating disorder organisation, Breathe provides a research based treatment program for eating distress i.e. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, EDNOS, Compulsive Eating and failed dieting throughout North West England and the UK.

For further information, please contact Shelley Perry on +44 (0)844 391 5539 or e-mail shelley(at)breathetherapies(dot)

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