7 Questions About Anxiety You Were Way Too Afraid To Ask

One in four of us will be affected by a mental health issue at some point in our lives which means it’s likely someone in your friendship group or immediate family will experience it. From an eating disorder to a psychiatric problem, depression to a personality disorder, the range is vast and wide, but the more we know about each condition, the more we can help fight the stigma against sufferers and help ourselves or those around us who may be struggling.

anxiety questions


Today we’re going to answer questions you’ve always wanted to know about anxiety: what a panic attack actually feels like, why so many YouTubers seem to suffer from anxiety, and the difference between feeling anxious and having an anxiety disorder. To help along the way, we’ll have a series of YouTube videos from some well known faces who have opened up about their struggles.

Here’s to ending stigma!


What Is Anxiety? Is It Just The Same As Feeling Anxious?

Having an anxiety disorder is very different from just feeling anxious. We all get anxious before things like job interviews, first dates or checking our bank balance but it’s when these feelings start to seep into your everyday life and limit you that it becomes a problem. Meghan Rienk’s powerful video, ‘What Anxiety Feels Like’, sums up the condition perfectly:


Are There Different Types Of Anxiety?

Absolutely. From social anxiety (where a person has excessive feelings of stress regarding social situations) to phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The range of anxiety disorders is vast, although that doesn’t mean they don’t have similarities, or that you can’t suffer from several types.


What Causes Anxiety?

First off, it’s important to know it is not your fault if you’re suffering from anxiety or any other mental health condition. There are things which can trigger feelings of anxiety and this includes low blood sugar, lack of sleep and too much caffeine. Here’s some top tips for self care that’ll help you be as mindful as possible.


What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like?

If you’ve ever suffered from a panic attack, you’ll know it’s a feeling like no other and not one you ever want to repeat. Most people feel a loss of breath, a tightening in their chest and a racing heart – all at once. As a result, it can be really hard to come down and relax after having one. Bradlee Wannemacher famously vlogged his panic attack and it really showcases the impact it has both on your mind and body.


How Can You Treat Anxiety?

There’s never a right answer. For some, it’s medication; for others, it’s therapy. Some can treat their anxiety disorder through diet and exercise. Medication is a very personal thing and something to consider with your doctor. Medication is nothing to be ashamed of. In this video, Catrific talks about how therapy has helped her and weighs up the pros and cons of medication.


Why Do So Many YouTubers Seem To Suffer From Anxiety?

We’ve discussed recently about how there may be a link between mental health and YouTube as a career. Luckily, YouTubers have huge platforms and we’re delighted to see more and more YouTubers open up and talk about mental health across social media. After all, the only way to end the stigma is to fight the stigma.

Zoe Sugg really pioneered a change when she spoke about her anxiety problems and later become an ambassador for MIND UK.


Can You Have Normal Relationships And Friendships If You Suffer From Anxiety?

Absolutely, although it can sometimes feel like having anxiety has an impact on your social life. If you feel comfortable, talk to your friends and family about your feelings and let them know that certain situations may trigger feelings of anxiety. You’d be surprised at how common your feelings are and just how much people will understand.


If you want more information on anxiety and mental health, please check Mind’s website.