Manage Stress Effectively And Lead A Happy Life

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Stress and highlight have certainly turn a partial and parcel of a bland life. A small volume of it creates us feel some-more obliged and keeps us active in a differently unchanging life. When such issues surpass their limits, it becomes a matter of regard and it takes a fee on a health and good being. If we are a plant of highlight due to family tensions or work pressures, take some time for yourself and try to combine on a factors behind such highlight and anxieties.

Often people do not comprehend that sleeplessness, addictions, low appetite, brief tempers, miss of energy, depletion and some-more are symptoms of augmenting stress. If we too are confronting identical issues, do not rubbish your time, rather consider of evident measures to conduct highlight and lead a healthy life. In sequence to get absolved of highlight and tensions associated to your family or work place, we should try to adopt self assistance procedures such as meditation, yoga, unchanging practice regime, offset diet and amicable communication with friends and family. This can unequivocally infer to be a highlight buster and assistance we in progressing a healthy life style. If we feel that instead of perplexing anything on your own, it is improved to attend classes wherein professionals can beam we in battling stress, we can certainly proceed their counseling.

Stress if not managed on time can get worse with flitting time. Besides following a procedures to manage stress levels in an fit manner, we can also opt for spending some convenience time in enjoying your passion or hobby. Hobbies like- painting, examination favorite movies, enjoying light music, reading good books etc also assistance in traffic with your daily stress. You can also devise for a ideal getaway amidst scenic locales. In sequence to spend some friendly time with friends and family, we can also select to spend weekends or vacations in circuitously mountain stations. The cold climate, pleasing landscapes and stay divided from a dispatch discord of bustling city life can infer to be an ideal choice to assistance conduct stress. The mountain stations with pleasing stay options classify journey sports and movement facilities. Such recreational activities can assistance a lot in lovely your mind and physique besides assisting we to conduct highlight levels.

If we are among those who do not wish to leave homes during weekends rather spend it with friends and family during home can devise some weekend parties during home. This will assistance we in interacting with your dear ones, who can boost we adult with romantic support. In fact, healthy conversations and fun filled time spent with family acts as a good highlight buster and relaxes your mind and physique from all arrange of tensions or stress. It is really essential to manage highlight and tensions relating to work as it can lay a disastrous impact on your health and opening and infer to be a jump in your career achievements. Hence, kick all your highlight currently and live a some-more prolific life.

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JK Rowling’s treatment of OCD makes clear it’s not just about sock drawers

In an interview to promote her new book, JK Rowling has revealed that one of the main characters has obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was based, she explained, on her own experience of the illness, which revolved around “checking, double checking, triple checking things”. Hearing OCD talked about in a serious way, by a woman who obviously understands it well, comes as a pleasant surprise. It’s a very different description of the illness from the one the actor Julianne Moore gave four years ago when she said: “Those are the indulgences you can have before you have children. Now I don’t have time to obsess. All that stuff about, ‘I need to go this certain way and do that’ was an indulgence of my youth.”

OCD is a relatively new term, but the illness has been described accurately as far back as the 17th century. It is also a common anxiety disorder – the Royal College of Psychiatrists says that one person in every 50 will suffer from some form of it in their lifetime, but the serious aspects of it are little understood by the general public. Stories about OCD in the media often mistakenly interpret a superstitious nature, or an obsessive tendency for order, as the definitive signs of OCD. How often do you hear a friend refer to themselves as “a little bit OCD”, when really all they mean is that they like to colour co-ordinate their sock drawer?

It’s frustrating to hear interviews with people who discuss OCD as though it were a minor quirk, rather than an all-encompassing pit of worry (an example of this is a story about David Beckham needing to line up all the drinks cans in his fridge). While you may read about neat drawers pretty often, there is very little mention of the terrible thoughts that people with OCD grapple with. The executive director of the International OCD Foundation, Jeff Szymanski, says that the term OCD is often used erroneously: “What you have seen in the media and pop culture is a rise in people misusing the term OCD. What they really mean is they are obsessive or compulsive. But they don’t qualify for an anxiety disorder, which is what OCD is.”

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder often develop rituals to deal with the upsetting thoughts they’re having. A person worried about illness might become terrified of picking up germs, and so take to washing their hands hundreds of times a day. These rituals provide a sense of control, a short relief, but don’t deal with the deeper issues.

From my own experience, I found that OCD can also take a purely obsessional form, and sufferers find their thoughts fixating on all manner of topics. During the worst of this anxiety, I spent every waking moment in thrall to my racing mind, and the irrational thoughts that are the terrible hallmarks of OCD. Songs, images and phrases would stick in my head, like a skipping record player. I found that if you try to push out these intrusions, your mind cleverly adapts and comes back with even more frightening scenarios.

Szymanski says that this technique of repression is widely known to be unhelpful: “Thought suppression actually increases the frequency and intensity of those thoughts. A lot of avoidance behaviours are just as detrimental as traditional compulsive behaviours.”

Luckily, OCD can be helped with a huge variety of different medications and therapies. With help, I’ve found it is possible to overcome the thoughts and compulsions, and so it’s great to hear about someone as successful as JK Rowling tackling it so well. The ignorance that surrounds mental illness often means that people don’t seek help when they most need it. Huge progress has been made to try and remove the stigma from mental illnesses such as depression, now the same must be done for anxiety disorders. Let’s hope the dated colour-coded sock drawer myth is on its way out.

How to Overcome OCD on Your Own

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OCD doesn’t have to take over your life and we don’t indispensably have to occupy a cringe or a therapist to assistance we get over your problem. Check out these tips to assistance we overcome OCD on your possess and find out how we can start to absolved yourself of your OCD.

What labels are we using?

Often inadvertently, we tag ourselves. Usually negatively in ways such as “I can’t do that” or “I always do that” and other easy excuses.

You presumably tag your OCD traits.

Take a time to work out a labels we use and afterwards confirm how we can spin these labels spin so that they no longer strengthen a function you’ve been experiencing all this time.

Don’t try to relabel all during once. Apart from it being a vital task, it’s also counterproductive. You’re some-more expected to get a feeling of overwhelm.

Instead, collect on a pretty tiny tag and work on that until it’s reduced in astringency adequate for it to lift on disappearing. Usually this means that by a time we get to roughly a half approach point, it will only continue a good work of removing absolved of itself.

Then collect on a subsequent label, and so on.

Go into zombie mode

This one sounds uncanny during initial though don’t let that put we off.

Zombies seem to do all robotically and in delayed motion.

So collect on one of your obsessions and spin yourself into a zombie a subsequent time we get a urge.

Go really solemnly – roughly like we were creation a stop suit movie. Trace out any sold partial of a method we routinely lift out sincerely rapidly. And elaborate any step of a approach if probable as well.

If we can do this but removing bored, you’re not going delayed enough.

What this will do is gradually sight your mind that this sold partial of your OCD is too tedious to worry with.

Distract yourself

Whenever we feel a titillate to obsess entrance on, find something else to confuse yourself with. Ideally something totally separate to your unchanging OCD pattern.

Go behind into a child-like mode – they get simply dreaming – and only concede yourself to do a daze for prolonged adequate that we don’t get trapped in your OCD ways.

Get some exercise

Exercise releases endorphins into your physique – they’re a healthy soporific and are ideally safe.

They explain a rush that we get when you’ve taken some exercise. They will also assistance to pull your recurrent thoughts to a behind of your mind, hopefully for a good length of time.

You don’t have to spin into a gym rodent to get a advantages of practice – even a sprightly travel will do a trick.

Work out what’s causing your anxiety

OCD is routinely a phenomenon of anxiety, either we comprehend it or not.

If we can’t figure out what’s causing your OCD on your own, speak it by with a crony or work colleague. They’ll substantially have speckled what it is good before we beheld and are mostly really blissful to be asked to help.

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Helping Children Cope With OCD

By:  Kayla Bremer

Children who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder now have a tool to help them cope.

Nearly 2–percent of the nation’s population suffer from the anxiety disorder.  It causes you to have obsessions and thoughts you can’t rid of.

Debby Houston has specialized in treating the illness for more than 20 years.  She wrote a therapeutic book to help children with OCD.  “the best way to describe OCD is it’s like your brain become stuck…and you can’t move forward.   That’s pretty miserable.   And so obviously with this level of impairment you need to get some intervention,” Houston says.

She’ll host a presentation at Bryan East for all ages on September 11th from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Admission is free.

Panic Attacks Treatment

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Even with a enrichment in medical technologies that we are experiencing in a universe today, no consultant can indicate out a accurate reasons behind a occurrence of panic attacks. Usually it runs in a family, definition it can be upheld on from one era to another. There are several factors that can trigger it occurrence. Some probable reasons are as follows:

• Major transitions in life
• Hyperthyroidism
• Acute stress
• Hypoglycemia
• Intake of stimulants
By meaningful these reasons, it is easier to select a best panic conflict diagnosis that fit we best.
Healing Anxiety Attacks With Medicines

For impassioned cases that need reinforcement, remedy diagnosis competence be necessary. These can be taken in sequence to control or revoke a symptoms of stress attacks and panic commotion temporarily. However, it should be remarkable that any remedy diagnosis uncover any guarantee during giving any permanent resolution to a problem. Even medical experts determine that these should customarily be employed when a box is already during a impassioned level.

The turn of efficacy of remedy panic attacks diagnosis can boost by leaps and end if it will be joined with other non-medication treatments. Meaning, one should not customarily count on medications, there should also be efforts for changing one’s lifestyle and avoiding a common triggers. The following are some of a many common drugs prescribed for stress attacks and associated disorder:

• Antidepressants: It competence take some time before we see a efficacy of antidepressants. You competence need to wait for dual or 3 weeks before your physique adjusts accordingly with a medication.
• Benzodiazepines: The categorical purpose of these drugs is to forestall stress of any form. Unlike antidepressants, we do not need to wait that prolonged in sequence to see a effects of this kind of medication.
Therapeutic Treatment For Panic Attacks

There are dual vital approaches for restorative or treating people who have episodes of panic attacks. The initial one, a non-medication stress attacks diagnosis are those that do not need a intake of any drugs. This is useful for people who are experiencing inauspicious effects from chemical that come from medications. The common non-medication treatments are as follow:

• Cognitive behavioral therapy: This therapy is routinely viewed as a many successful modes of diagnosis for agoraphobia, stress attacks, and other panic associated disorders. This routine focuses especially on a patterns of meditative and on a routine in that panic attacks are triggered and sustained. By carrying a transparent believe about this, it is easier to see a attacks in a some-more essential context. Everything starts with bargain a dynamics of stress attacks on a box to box basement since it can differ from one chairman to another.

• Exposure therapy: Here, a chairman who customarily falls as a plant of panic attacks is unprotected to triggers and is authorised to knowledge panic physically – only, all is finished in a tranquil context. This is finished so that a chairman who customarily practice stress conflict will have a venue to learn methods to cope adult and an event to unlearn habits that competence be unpropitious to his or her case.

These are only dual of a many renouned non-medication treatments for panic attacks. Ask your medicine about it and find out that therapy will be suitable for your case.

By meaningful your options, we can really find one mode of treatment, we will be prepared to confront panic attacks any time.

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NAMI Gulf Coast to host conference – Daily News

Published September 23, 2012

In Galveston and Brazoria counties alone, more than 150,000 people are affected by mental illness.

Out of those people, more than 50,000 people might be seeking treatment at any given time.

For this reason, NAMI Gulf Coast works diligently to help these families find the resources, education and support they might need.

A mental illness can overwhelm families and consume resources, especially in crisis. Mental illnesses such as bipolar, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety, to name a few, can be managed.

The community can envision mental illness like a four-legged stool, each leg represents support, community resources, education and medical care.

Without one leg, the stool will not function right. Families can get help, support, education and medication. That is why NAMI Gulf Coast exists.

In 1990, the U.S. Congress established the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week in recognition of NAMI’s efforts to raise awareness about mental illness.

Since 1990, mental health advocates across the country have joined together during the first full week of October in sponsoring many kinds of activities.

The hope is that participants will go forth, “Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives” at the community conference from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 5 at Moody Memorial First United Church, 2803 53rd St., in Galveston.

This unique conference will feature separate tracks for professionals (five CEUs provided), family members, individuals living with mental illness and the community.

The workshops in each track will host programs of interest specifically tailored to each group. The keynote luncheon speaker, Dr. Michael Fuller, will present “Choices in Recovery.”

Fuller serves as a faculty clinician and adviser for the Psychiatric Consultation and Liaison Service and has been a faculty member with the University of Texas Medical Branch since 1989.

Registration fees include lunch and are $45 for professionals, $35 for families affected by mental illness and $10 for individuals living with mental illness — which includes 5.0 CEUs.

Scholarships are available for individuals living with mental illness, families who care for children or an adult with a mental illness.

Registration is extended until Oct. 2. To register or for information, call 281-585-3100 or 409-944-4328, or email jmelis(at)

Jeanette Taylor is the executive director of NAMI Gulf Coast.

Copyright 2011 The Galveston County Daily News. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Therapy Can Help You Reclaim Balance In Your Life

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What is change in your life? Is there a lot of highlight in your life? Sometimes therapy or conversing can assistance we retrieve your life.

These difference from a debate by Brian Dyson are eloquent:

“Imagine life as a diversion in that we are sophistry some 5 balls in a air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and suggestion – and you’re gripping all of these in a air. You will shortly know that work is a rubber ball. If we dump it, it will rebound back. But a other 4 balls – family, health, friends and suggestion – are done of glass. If we dump one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, shop-worn or even shattered. They will never be a same. You contingency know that and essay for Balance in your life.”

Self recognition and self caring is critical to contend a healthy change in your life in all areas. In sequence to be fit during work, and accessible to adore and caring for others in a family a series one suspicion that needs to be contemplated is shortening personal highlight and holding caring of oneself first.Some might contend that sounds selfish. Well, being unhealthily greedy means focusing on oneself – during a responsibility of others. Others can be harm or neglected by greedy and egotistic behavior. However, healthy rapacity is a good thing. This means holding caring of ones possess wellbeing so one is healthy and happy, with time and earthy and romantic appetite for others.

Many relatives tumble into a trap of operative too tough and prolonged with work, being absent or dreaming even during home. Workaholism, stealing as operative prolonged hours to yield for a family is a critical trap. Mothers and caregivers tumble into a proposal trap of using around holding caring of everybody else in a family and outward a family, profitable small courtesy to personal needs, health, interests or rest.

This formula in a life filled with highlight and no change in your life. This formula in a accumulation of stress, highlight and unhappiness. Sleeplessness, piece abuse, depression, highlight and annoy might be a symptoms of highlight and a life out of change that can repairs lives.

The many critical attribute should be a one with oneself. This means holding caring of oneself, amatory oneself as good as one would adore someone else one cared for. As with a instructions for emergencies on a plane, put a oxygen facade on yourself initial before assisting a child. You need to be alive and functioning to be a good primogenitor and caregiver. This means holding time for rest, time to eat right, time for exercise, time for grooming, time with friends, time for hobbies, time only to be oneself.This might move your life behind into balance. If we find that some of your symptoms are as a outcome of highlight and it is tough to find balance, afterwards therapy, face to face or online therapy with an design listener can assistance we to find a approach out of your predicament, and find change in your life.

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The author of this essay is Jenny Ferns. Jenny has over 18 years knowledge as a protected advisor and psychotherapist in Canada. She binds a Masters In Counseling Psychology from Vermont College in USA.

Jenny is a member of a conversing staff during that specializes in providing private Online Therapy Services

Public servant’s widow speaks out on mental illness

An Ottawa woman is speaking out about her husband’s suicide, saying she wants people struggling with mental illness to seek help from family, friends or professionals.

Clarissa said her husband Eric — CBC and Radio-Canada have agreed not to use their last names — both worked in the federal public service.

Well before he took a job in the federal public service, Eric had obsessive-compulsive disorder, an anxiety disorder he had suffered from his entire adult life.

He had also battled depression.

Despite his mental illness, his wife described him as a star employee at the Department of Justice, where he worked as a lawyer, and said his performance reviews had been exemplary.

Clarissa was laid off from her job in April, and soon after, Eric received notice his department was cutting its staff of lawyers by two thirds, and that his job could be affected.

His wife said that for Eric, the threat of losing his job — or keeping it at the expense of a colleague — was deeply troubling, and his anxiety level rose.

“He’d been anxious for months, but in the last few weeks of his life, he was in this low-grade panic attack,” said Clarissa.

“I guess in the end, the mental illness took over, and his whole world became wrapped up in what he did for a living,” she said.

He took his own life on July 16.

“It’s been terrible … it’s been the worst time of my life,” she said.

More employees seeking assistance

Since federal job cuts were first announced in the March budget, there has been a marked increase in calls to the government’s Employee Assistance Program, according to Health Canada, which administers the program.

Health Canada said there was a 33-per-cent jump in April over the previous year, and an 11-per-cent overall increase in the months since.

Psychiatrists said seeking help is especially important if the employee suffers from a mental illness. Clarissa said her husband Eric suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. (CBC)

“The sort of things that are helpful are talking therapies, or medication,” said Dr. Simon Hatcher at The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in Ottawa.

“If people do feel depressed or see someone else depressed, have a conversation with either the health service or contact the primary care physician,” said Hatcher.

Widow says seek help if you need it

Clarissa advised others to seek help if they are struggling.

“If you lose your job it’s not the end of the world. Just rely on your friends and your family, and your support networks, and if you need help from a doctor or a psychiatrist, go get it,” she said.

The Department of Justice issued a statement saying it sympathizes with Eric’s family and that it provides all employees with assistance programs to help them and their families in difficult times.

While Clarissa is still dealing with the loss of her husband, she has since found a new job and said she wants others facing job insecurity to know they will bounce back too.

Therapy Treatments for a Better Life

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Need for therapy treatmentsMost people who are following complicated life styles face a threats of stress, depression, anxiety, phobias and fears due to several factors. Therapy procedures are especially given for those who are confident with normal treatments and medications. Some therapy treatments are also accessible for shortening complications of health disorders like cancer, heart attacks, plumpness and even diabetes to urge conditions in improved way. The therapy treatments are found useful for building peculiarity of life by shortening risks. Physicians and health professionals yield therapy treatments after meaningful a conditions of patients to get preferred outcomes.What is hypnotherapy?Hypnotherapy routine involves treatments by investigate a mind conditions of patients. It helps to solve physiological and romantic problems of adults, lady and children in effective methods. This diagnosis creates a probable ways for dwindling disastrous thoughts in life to grasp certain results. Treatments are given to patients by bargain problems by listening, sleeping and decrease techniques. Today, hypnotherapy plays a pivotal purpose in treating opposite forms of disorders to knowledge some-more advantages. Treatments are also offering with a support of latest medical inclination to investigate patients in correct methods.Advantages of hypnotherapyThe hypnotherapy treatments are paving ways for augmenting self esteem, certain opinion and certainty levels by removing liberation from several forms of health disorders. Smoking, alcoholism,addiction problems, annoy and assertive behaviors can be tranquil by hypnotherapy treatments to live a normal life. Hypnotherapy is deliberate as a absolute one in changing a powers of object unwavering mind thereby aiding to boost intensity levels. One can means to see good changes in life with a support of hypnotherapy treatments. Hypnotherapists are providing a methods to benefit improved formula in life by gratifying needs of people. Finding hypnotherapy centersHypnotherapy centers are focusing on treating disorders with complicated facilities. It is an easy one to find a sum of hypnotherapy centers in several locations by on-line. Hypnotherapy Sheffield centers are aiding patients to get liberation from panic attacks, highlight and other health problems of life. Services during these centers assistance to discharge bad habits and symptoms of life melancholy health disorders. High peculiarity treatments are accessible during hypnotherapy Sheffield centers to get smashing changes in daily life.

Hypnotherapy centers are especially focusing on providing profitable services to patients with a support of experts and latest devices. Details about these centers are accessible in opposite sources including on-line. Treatments are organised for those who wish to overcome disastrous thoughts and other symptoms of health disorders. Behavioral problems, obsession disorders, smoking and alcoholism issues can be tranquil by selecting services of hypnotherapy centers. Services are found useful for women, children and adults to give adult bad habits in life.

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living a happier and wealthier life. Methods for augmenting will powers of minds are also given by these centers to achieve success.

Don’t worry, there are ways to cope with anxiety

Holbein, of Chicago, was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) three years ago but is now able to live a normal life by incorporating cognitive therapy and medications into his daily routine.

Generalized anxiety disorder affects 6.8 million adults per year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

In fact, some medical experts have found that 90 percent of people will experience some form of anxiety, such as having a panic attack or having an obsessive thought that makes them anxious, at least once a year.

The good news is there are some easy coping methods to help get rid of the symptoms of anxiety.

Dr. Karen Cassiday, director of the Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center in Chicago and Deerfield, said anxiety is a normal feeling for most human beings but added that it can get out of control for some.

“Anxiety is a part of life, though it can become a problem when it starts to take over your life,” she said.

Some symptoms of anxiety and GAD include difficulty sleeping, fatigue, restlessness, muscle tension and even gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea. The symptoms can change and become worse if not taken care of, and other anxiety disorders might develop like panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorders.

Cassiday said anxiety disorders can be hereditary or may even develop from living a particular lifestyle. She adds that her clinic is seeing more young people — including children — with anxiety disorders and believes parents are partially to blame.

“There are a lot of parents who are too overprotective with their kids,” said Cassiday. “It can turn into something worse later in life. We see many young adults these days that just live in their parents’ basement, for example, and are afraid and fearful of the stresses of adulthood.”

Cassiday suggests that parents slowly expose their children to the things they fear.

“If a child is afraid of clowns, go to the circus,” Cassiday said. “Exposing them to these things might help them deal with other fears they might face in the future.”

She also said our fast-paced lifestyle along with work issues can contribute to stress and anxiety.

She said exercising is a great way to relieve work-related and other types of anxiety.

“It doesn’t have to be boot camp, but simple exercising like walking or biking can reduce stress,” she said. “Yoga and meditation have also proven to be effective.”

Cassiday said altering one’s attitude, such as trying to have a sense of humor, can also ease up on stress and anxiety.

FANTASTIC Tips for Falling Asleep

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While we have been doing it all of a lives, some of us can never utterly get used to sleeping when we want. Sleep is a many critical step in a rest slight as it reenergizes a physique and gives us a energy to continue toiling a subsequent day. A good night’s snooze is also critical to keep thoroughness levels high in a workplace. Some tips for descending defunct simply would be in sequence when we wish to retire to bed early and equivocate oversleeping a subsequent day.

Some forms of food have been famous to support a sleeping process. Foods abounding in carbohydrates and divert products are famous to make people tumble defunct easily. Spicy food and those containing high protein calm should be avoided in box we wish to tumble defunct faster given these enclose high levels of tyrosine. Tyrosine is a predecessor to Melatonin, that is an critical hormone that regulates sleep. Other things to equivocate embody sugarine and caffeine as these would make we some-more alert. It is also advisable to have a assuage dish before bed time as carrying a complicated one might outcome in indigestion or heartburn.

Other tips for descending defunct easier during night would be avoiding daytime naps. If we contingency snooze during a day afterwards usually get a 15 notation energy snooze and zero more. You should also equivocate sportive before going to bed as this reduces prolongation of melatonin. You should stop any practice during slightest 3 hours before going to sleep. One final thing to do is try to equivocate highlight levels and anxiety. Try any decrease techniques such as low breathing, yoga and meditation.

A good thought for descending defunct faster would be substantiating a daily routine. The mind can be lerned to be sleeping and waking adult during a same time each day. This requires a high turn of fortify yet and can infrequently be sundry by outmost factors over a control. When going to bed keep sound levels low. Things like televisions should be switched off yet we can have a radio personification balmy song that has a lulling outcome on a mind.

One of a many effective ways to tumble defunct faster is a normal reading of books. Choose a lifeless book with small play and your mind will concentration on one thing guaranteeing an demonstrate sheet to dreamland. You could also try holding a gentle bath since this has a outcome of relaxing a muscles and relieving tragedy in a body. Some other tips for descending defunct embody gripping a light turn during low turn or if probable totally dark. You should also wear gentle wardrobe such as pajamas and other loosely wise clothes.

There also exist normal tips for descending asleep. These embody celebration gentle divert 10 mins before to going to bed. Apparently divert has a piece that helps a chairman relax thereby sleeping easier. Another approach is to snooze on your stomach or on your left side as these are endorsed postures for descending asleep.

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